Brand Van Egmond - Ersa

Artistic luxury lighting by Brand Van Egmond

We show Queensland Homes through some of the stunning sculptural lighting designs by Dutch lighting brand, Brand Van Egmond, now available through Project 20.

Brand Van Egmond was founded in 1989 by pioneering artists, William Brand and Annet van Egmond, and has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading purveyors of designer lighting that melds an uber-luxe aesthetic with an artistic style statement.
All of their lights are handmade, and their signature can be seen decorating luxury hotel brands and fashion houses around the globe.

Now, you can take your home’s lighting to the next level, thanks to Project 20’s exquisite collection of Brand Van Egmond pieces. As one of Australia’s premier luxury architectural lighting supply and design specialists, servicing luxury residential and commercial projects in Queensland and throughout Australia, Project 20 are bringing the world into our Queensland homes in spectacular ways.

Brand Van Egmond - Edisons Tail

Brand Van Egmond Unadorned yet full of energy, contemporary and elegant: Edison’s Tail moves freely through space and reveals that bringing light and vitality can go hand in hand.

Brand Van Egmond - Shiro

Brand Van Egmond By means of the deduction of every unnecessary layer of decoration, a calmness of mind appears allowing for a new collection to be born. The Shiro – Japanese for castle – is the result of a journey of deconstruction.

Brand Van Egmond - Kelp Fortuna

Brand Van Egmond The grand icicles, blown and pulled at the same time by our glassblowers, add a striking monumental facet to the frivolously shaped Kelp. To be able to create icicles of this quality and size demanded rigorous experimenting and exploration of new techniques. As the 16th century Florentine diplomat and poet Machiavelli wrote, ‘It’s better to be adventurous than cautious, as Fortuna is a woman’.

In addition to the Brand Van Egmond designs, Project 20 also stock leading luxury lighting brands from abroad, including Italamp, Leucos, Hinkley, De Majo, Hubbardton Forge, Egoluce, Arturo Alvarez, Feiss and many more.

Contact us to discuss adding Brand Van Egmond to your home.

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